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A quirky, visually-aware and bold facilitator who has been trained in London and New York across a broad range of artistic and aesthetic disciplines. Grounded by years of experience in fashion, art, museum curating, photography, journalism and interiors, is always looking to bring more artistic visions to life and exercise my innate capacity for creativity.


Wall-Edit is a personalised art service that helps choose eclectic art for your homes, offices and public spaces. Focusing on primarily contemporary and emerging art, I either work with private clients directly or interior designers to find the right piece that will complement the space.


I spend much of my spare time visiting commercial art galleries, degree art shows and art fairs to find the works and use my many year's experiences as a fashion stylist to make decisive decisions and challenges about what I feel is right, although I always advise clients to buy what they love.


I do not buy and sell art but work as the point of connection between artists and clients.


Contemporary Design Photography
Documentary Making
Interior Design
Fashion Stylist
Anthropology of Art
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